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General UserboxesEdit

Martina 2013
This user is a fan of
Martina Stoessel!

Code: Martina Stoessel

Tini photoshoot
This user is a proud

Code: Tinista

Tini blowing a kiss
This user LOVES
Martina Stoessel!

Code: MartinaLover

Tini in 2012
Martina Stoessel makes this user happy!

Code: MartinaHappy

Martina Stoessel 2013
This user thinks Martina Stoessel is so pretty!

Code: MartinaPretty

Martina photoshoot
This user thinks Martina
has a beautiful voice!

Code: MartinaVoice

Martina 2014
This user loves Martina's style!

Code: MartinaStyle

All You Need Is Love
All you need is love!❤

Code: All You Need Is Love